Testimony before the GOP Finance Committee on 5/11/2015

May 11, 2015

Legislative Office Building
Room 1E
300 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

2016-2017 Connecticut State Budget Proposals

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Serge Mihaly and I am a Connecticut resident and have been all my life. Currently, I reside in Wallingford, CT.

Before I continue I want to say I love Connecticut. It is filled with great people who work hard and care about each other. I firmly believe the State of Connecticut can have a great future, but we must work together to make this happen.

I am appearing here today to submit my testimony as a citizen of this state as I am very concerned about where this State is headed and have been for quite a while now. Recently, the Governor submitted a preliminary budget for the calendar years 2016 and 2017. In it is proposed a long list of new taxes. Taxes, I and many others believe, will not only negatively impact our state, but can also cripple her. To me, these taxes are a sign that our government, if it has not already failed, is failing.

Our last budget included one of the largest Connecticut tax increases in our State’s history. Despite this our family, friends and neighbors are still suffering. This applies to all groups and all economic classes, not just the middle class. Many have moved out of the state and many others want to.

A 2015 Gallup poll showed that last year Connecticut dropped below every other state in the nation in job creation, yet this government continues on the same path. This unacceptable and must stop.

My father once told me that problems have two parts, the cause and the symptom. Address the symptom and you still have the problem. Address the cause and you will solve the problem. My father was a very wise man. The proposed taxes, Ladies and Gentlemen, are only a symptom to a much larger problem. I submit to you that our problem is not the budget. It is the size and scope of our State government. Eliminating this list of taxes will not eliminate our problem.

I have read both your line by line Budget and the ‘Road to Prosperity.’ There are many good ideas there. Many I hope will be implemented. For me, though, this is only a first step. This party and government must go further. In a day and age where computer chips get smaller, more efficient and less expensive internal combustion engines go from gas guzzling 8 cylinders to more efficient and powerful 4 and 6 cylinders, it is difficult to believe our government cannot do the same. The time for this is long overdue.

In closing, there are many good people around this country who are facing the same problems we face today. I believe we can learn a lot from them. One of these is Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. Governor Kasich was faced with an 8 Billion dollar deficit when he entered office in 2011. Today, the state of Ohio is on solid financial footing, people are going back to work, businesses are expanding, educations needs are being met and taxes, incredibly, have not been raised. I hope you take a moment to look into his administration’s efforts.

Thank you.

Serge G. Mihaly, Jr
Wallingford, CT


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