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May 28, 2018

Letters Editor

Yale Alumni Magazine

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Dear Sir,

I have to ask myself what Yale was thinking when they invited Sec. Hillary Clinton to speak at this year’s class day. While it may have appeared to some at Yale that inviting a past Yale grad and past Presidential candidate was only natural, it only accentuates the degree to which Yale may be out of touch with the rest of the nation.

Since losing the election Sec. Clinton has been on a long and tiresome self-pity tour blaming everyone but herself for her historic loss to President Donald Trump. Her shady involvements with Russian nuclear companies, acceptance of what appears to be pay for play donations to her and her husband’s Clinton Foundation, the corrupt fixing of the 2016 Democratic Primary over Bernie Sanders, the negligent loss and destruction of Federal emails on a troubling private server, the inexcusable neglect of our Embassy in Benghazi, Libya leading to the death of four American patriots and the procurement of a false dossier designed to eliminate our current President is only a short list of her disgraceful actions. It seems every day more and more dirt is exposed from the sacrosanct halls of American politics and government exposing a level of political corruption few could imagine.

This is the kind of person Yale wants to inspire its graduates? This is the type of behavior that they wish to emulate? It is disgusting. With such former graduates like Nathan Hale, William Howard Taft, Cole Porter, Meryl Streep, William F. Buckley and others, it does no one justice to showcase a person that very well be sitting in a federal prison soon. More so, with Sec. Clinton’s inability to accept responsibility for her 2016 showing, it was not surprising her focus was not on the graduates, but herself and her loss. Putting her onstage yet again only served to further enable her. It is time to get over it.

I understand Yale leans to the left politically, but such a predisposed position is not always good. When will Yale admit it needs to accept other different and challenging voices to its historical campus, voices that speak to integrity and character not wholesale personal and political corruption. Are they that difficult to find? I don’t think they are and hope that Yale is big enough to do so.


Serge Mihaly

TD, Class of ‘82

13 Railtree Hill Road

Woodbury, CT 06798




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    • Robin L Dorman on June 24, 2018 at 10:01 pm
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    You tell them Serge !

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