Firearms in Society

The Second Amendment is the guarantor of the rest of the Amendments which is why Big government attacks it so viciously. It is also lied about time and time again. The Governor said we need background checks. We already have them. This has been a part of Federal law since 1968. Why is this lied about? It is an overt attempt to portray those who appreciate firearms as radicals and irrational.

If anyone doesn’t want criminals to have firearms it is the law-abiding gun-owner of which the number grows every day. Why? We have a fundamental right to defend and protect ourselves, our families and friends.

What is being ignored are the issues of poverty and mental illness. Both are difficult to solve, so anti-gun groups focus emotionally on an ‘object’ used by many sound and responsible people. They portray a gun as a creature with its own will and intent. The media only portrays the negative views of firearms brain-washing much of the public to believe this is the only ‘reality.’ It is not.

Like stealing a car, guns can be obtained the same way instead of legally. Guns are usually bought from a store and buyers must undergo background checks, even at gun shows, one of the greatest firearms lies of all. Fear mongering at its best.

We must stick to the facts, a common sense approach the media and emotional ‘safety’ groups do not usually deal in.

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