After being a teacher for ten years education must be focused around three key ingredients: Parent, students and teachers, not a Board of Education or Teacher’s Union. Teachers must be allowed more leeway in presenting curriculum. I’d extend the school year two weeks, yet still maintain a ‘summer’ for kids and teachers a like. Everyone needs a break and a transition period.

We must treat teachers like professionals, not hourly wage earners because they are professionals. They must be hired individually based on their ability and experience, tenure must be eliminated, teacher certification reformed to include a one time permanent Professional certification administered by either a Education Department or a national ‘Educational Foundation’ similar to those who approve of new textbooks. Once certified, teachers must be able to work in any State. This would provide a much more competitive education market holding schools accountable for their performance as parents and School systems would demand the best in teaching talent.

Without tenure and a Union to defend them, poor teachers could not hide and good teachers would be evaluated based on performance. Hiring the best teachers would be like filling a college with the best professors. Teachers would take summer courses in their subject to keep them ‘updated’ in the latest in their subject matter which could include trips to subject relevant activities.

We must teach subject matter and not to a test. No Common Core.

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