Economic Sanity

Government must be on the side of business, large and small. Government doesn’t create jobs, the private sector does. A government’s responsibility is to nurture an economic environment which is supportive to business. Taxes, fees and regulations must be reduced. Many regulations are killing business and are designed to only increase government’s power. Authority lies not in government, but in the hands and votes of the voters. Far too often legislators send bills to the Governor that only makes starting, owning or managing a business more difficult.

Who knows best about what a business needs more than the owner? Government is far removed from ‘Main Street’ and often led by men and women who have never owned or managed a business. Theoretical ideas about business can never take the place of experience.

Many businesses have to file monthly tax returns which makes them hire an accountant which costs them even more. Someone struggling to make a living doesn’t need to have the added cost of employing an accountant more than once a year. This must stop. Why is this so difficult for the Democrats in Hartford to understand? They have held control of State government blocking Republican common sense far too long. Their theories of tax and spend and control have failed. The new ‘old’ ideas of free markets and smaller and less intrusive government has succeeded where it has been tried. It is why this nation has grown so much and employed so many for years. ‘We know better than you’, Socialistic big government has always failed despite what we are continually told today by the press and Liberal and Progressive Democrats. They claim compassion, but deliver failure and economic suffering while fiddling with the facts both historical and present.

We must give the public as many economic choices as possible. My faith is in them, not government.

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